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Odd Thomas on the Stairs

August 24, 2020

Electric Supply Station: Winter Moon original score inspired by the Dean R Koontz novel

January 28, 2020

Devoted is not Jane Hawk #6

December 21, 2019

Not sure which edition’s cover this is supposed to be but the link points to an page that lists this as “Jane Hawk 6” which it is not. More details as I discover them.

Honest Trailers | It Chapter Two

December 16, 2019

Wait for it…

How Dean Koontz Proved Anyone Can Be a Bestseller

December 16, 2019

How did Dean Koontz sell 450 millions books? Hard work? Luck? Innate skill? Today we’ll take a look at his long road to becoming one of the world’s best selling authors.

Dean Koontz’s Terror Tales

December 16, 2019

The Dodge Demon & the Shelby Super Snake

November 26, 2019

Both are featured in the forthcoming Devoted

Dean on Nameless

November 18, 2019

More of a low-rent Dean Koontz

November 15, 2019

From Supernatural s15e05: Proverbs originally broadcast on 14 November 2019. This isn’t a show I’ve ever watched so I have no idea on the context. Feel free to explain it to me in the comments.

California will never stop burning by Dan Zak

November 6, 2019

Jim Moseley, founder and chief executive of Sun FireDefense, demonstrates his fire protection spray for author Dean Koontz, who is considering such defenses for his home outside Irvine. (Dan Zak/The Washington Post)

Thirty miles southwest of the 46 Fire, Dean Koontz, the mega­selling novelist, was standing outside his enormous new home the morning after Halloween.

“We had friends who wouldn’t move to California because of earthquakes.”

Like other Californians, he has stood on a roof with a garden hose and a stance of defiance.

“They moved to the Gulf Coast and got hit by a hurricane.”

It costs a fortune to insure some homes in California. This is why Koontz invited Moseley and his team for a consultation about a defensive sprinkler system and his SPF3000 spray. Local authorities have challenged the effectiveness and safety of the product, but Moseley has testimonials from grateful clients and documentation of test results.

He also has his on-the-go demonstration. On Koontz’s front stoop, Moseley blowtorches one end of a piece of wood. It ignites, burns, starts to disintegrate. Then he torches the other side, which has been treated with SPF3000. It blackens but does not ignite. Then Moseley scrapes the charred veneer with a car key to reveal intact wood underneath.AD

“Impressive,” Koontz says. His Tuscan-style villa is in a gated community near Irvine. This is a place of Bentleys and catering trucks, and an air of invincibility. Koontz knows that nothing is invincible. If he were younger, maybe he’d move to a place that wasn’t quaking and conflagrating so much. Arizona, perhaps. But he loves it here.

“None of us live forever,” he says. “And you have to weigh the quality of life with the risk.”

Read the full article @ The Washington Post

Dean Koontz is… Alright I Guess

October 30, 2019

The folks over at the CF3 Podcast recently interviewed André Gower, star of The Monster Squad and of course the t-shirt he was wearing at the beginning of the movie came up…

They discussed how this shirt has gone on to have a bit of a cult following along with other versions having been made. Funnily enough, a friend of Mr. Gower’s made him a Dean Koontz version. You can check out the relevant bit of the episode here:

Here’s the best part: you can now buy that shirt! Just head on over to the Coast City Comics web site and for just $14 you can wear your Koontz fandom, uh, proudly?

Phantoms Score

October 22, 2019

The original version of this post linked to an online source that wasn’t legit so I’ve replaced it with this version pointing everyone to composer David C. Williams’ Bandcamp page where you can digitally purchase the score directly from him. (There’s been no physical release as far as I can tell at this time.)

Ghouls Next Door on Phantoms & Demon Seed

October 15, 2019

Alvaro Zinos-Amaro Reviews Aliens in Popular Culture, Edited by Michael M. Levy & Far­ah Mendlesohn

October 10, 2019

“…The entry on Larry Niven talks about his various “hard science fiction” stories; why not recommend Hal Clement in the “See also” section? And speaking of recommendations, the article on “Alien Spaceship Design” directs our attention to the book A Dream Given Form: The Unofficial Guide to the Universe of Babylon 5, but misattributes one of its authors as Dean Koontz rather than K. Dale Koontz. I think we can all agree that Dean Koontz is prolific enough as is!”

Read the full article @ Locus Online

Nice little town. Do you Like cows?

October 5, 2019

A little joke about Shippensburg, PA in the HBO show Divorce.

The Silent Corner on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us

August 20, 2019

Look for further details in next week’s site update.

Racism in the SF world

July 2, 2019

Found this little gem yesterday. Look for full details in the July 8 site update.

Dean MF Koontz

June 27, 2019

Excerpts from A.P. Bio s02e13: Kinda Sorta

Love Antosha trailer

June 14, 2019

Trailer for the documentary feature Love, Antosha


From a prolific career in film and television, Anton Yelchin left an indelible legacy as an actor. Through his journals and other writings, his photography, the original music he wrote, and interviews with his family, friends, and colleagues, this film looks not just at Anton’s impressive career, but at a broader portrait of the man. Born in the former Soviet Union to a family of artists, Anton and his parents came to the U.S. when he was six months old. He started acting at nine. He had a genuine curiosity and love for people, for art, and for family. And a willingness to explore, and be open with, the darker parts of himself. Love, Antosha explores his successes and his struggles, and let’s viewers get to know this extraordinary person the world was cheated from seeing grow old.

Instagram: @antonyelchindoc
Twitter: @antonyelchindoc

Rockin’ the Book World by Robert Burke Warren

June 13, 2019

“What band are you in?” asked the man at the grocery store in Catskill, New York. He was addressing Joe Stefko, whose leonine mane, pegged jeans, and tight black T-shirt personify rock n’ roll.

“I’m not in a band,” Stefko replied. “I’m a book publisher. Really.”

Stefko said folks sometimes don’t believe him, but it’s true. Still, you can’t blame them for asking, as Stefko’s history hangs about him like an aura; before he launched his award-winning one-man publishing imprint, Charnel House, in 1989, he drummed with Meat Loaf and the Turtles. But you won’t find any of that on his company’s website. What you will find are beautiful, provocative, limited edition, signed books by Dean Koontz, Tim Powers, Stephen King (as Richard Bachman), and Harlan Ellison.

How did Stefko’s path twist from sweat-soaked stages to a restored 1790s farmhouse in the Catskill Mountains, where he, his wife, and Charnel House live?

Read the full article @ Fine Books & Collections