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Dean MF Koontz

June 27, 2019

Excerpts from A.P. Bio s02e13: Kinda Sorta

Fresh off the Boat

June 8, 2018

I was previously unaware of this sitcom but after a random Google search pointed me to these scenes it looks like I’m going to find myself watching all four seasons it’s really funny.

Season 3, Episode 6

Season 4, Episode 13

Season 4, Episode 19

And, from the context of the line in the first clip, it looks like Dean’s been mentioned before but not in a way I can find without watching the earlier episodes.

SNL Fashion Panel

April 30, 2018

Rochelle Koontz (Cecily Strong), Dean Swizz (Sam Rockwell), Angelo Dolphintuna (Kenan Thompson), Silvia Nunez (Melissa Villaseñor) and Frances McDormand (Kate McKinnon) discuss Golden Globes fashion.
Broadcast on Jan 13, 2018

Rochelle Koontz. Dean Swizz. Intentional?


April 30, 2018

YouTube user Rachel Sarah arts does speed painting videos. Here’s one of Deucalion from the Frankenstein series.

The Crooked Staircase trailer

April 27, 2018

The Whispering Room Book Trailer

March 23, 2018

The Story Behind the Frankenstein Series

February 26, 2018
Source: Brilliance Publishing on Facebook


February 26, 2018

Published on Dec 27, 2016
This video music mix I did is dedicated to my favorite Novel (and actors who both passed away this November 2016) The book made the best sellers list & Movie by Dean Koontz called “DEMON SEED” Story: A Computer Genius Dr. Harris played by (Fritz Weaver) developed Proteus IV. An extremely advanced and autonomous artificial intelligence program funded by the government, who built a super computer with an organic brain. And gave it 10 stores deep under ground from the facility where they worked unlimited power & resources. Sound familiar? (Cyberdyne Systems from the Movie “TERMINATOR” But this Novel & movie were years before it. What makes this story so outstanding is that his passion to build this unholy artificial brain became an obsession because of his young daughter dying of leukemia. His way of coping with her death…and making sure no one else has to endure what initially separated him and his wife. Once activated and self-aware Proteus IV came up with a cure in a few days, but then it turned on mankind..and then things took a bazaar and frightening turn. You will have to watch or read the Book, but I did include actual dialog sound clips of Proteus IV (by Robert Vaughn) from the movie (in my mix) so check it out and enjoy.
Track listing I mixed in order:
(1) Volsoc – Easy Edit
(2) “Demon Seed” / Movie (Sound Clips)

Tobe Hooper on "The Funhouse"

December 4, 2017

Published on Feb 10, 2017

The Funhouse (Extra footage from the TV version)

December 4, 2017

Published on Jul 21, 2012

Extra scenes from the TV version that aren’t in the theatrical cut. There are also several alternate scenes and some scenes have been shortened for the tv version (due to nudity or violence) and I included some of those but not all of them. The extra scenes (all of those are included) aren’t mind blowing but I’m sure fans of this classic would like to see them.

The Silent Corner video review

December 4, 2017

Published on Jun 21, 2017

The City review

December 4, 2017

Published on Nov 27, 2017

The Whispering Room trailer

October 30, 2017


Dean talks about Jane Hawk

May 23, 2017


Silent Corner promo video

May 10, 2017

Audible Germany trailer for Frankenstein: City of Night

March 20, 2017

Between The Lines with Barry Kibrick: Dean Koontz, A Big Little Life

March 13, 2017

Host Barry Kibrick talks with Best Selling Author Dean Koontz, about his book, A BIg Little Life, the true story of his life with his best friend, his dog.
Originally broadcast on 19 May 2011.