About the Guide

This site is in three parts:

The Guide is broken down into major categories of works each of which are arranged alphabetically by title. Each entry for a work contains bibliographic data including publication type, publication date, copyright information, publisher, number of pages, ISBN (or other publisher’s numbering system), cover price, review listings, and other information regarding that publication or others that I have found (such as advertisements within the publication of another work listed here.)

Each version of a work is listed chronologically (left column, then right column) based on the first printing of any particular edition. This gives you the ability to compare your copy with the listings here to confirm whether or you have a first printing. In many cases, multiple editions of an item are listed. In this case they are listed in the order in which they were released. Therefore the first listing described the first printing of the first edition. The next listing is for the first printing of the second edition and so on.

The Appendices cover associated works (interviews, items about Dean, books he’s blurbed, lawsuits, etc.) and reference material such as a chronological listing of the Dean’s major works.

The Blog is where you can stay up to date on Dean’s publications and this site.

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A few notes on organization and what is, and is not, included:

  • All information is presented in good faith and under accepted fair use guidelines. Any errors are mine.
  • If at all possible I retrieved all bibliographic data from the original publications in my collection and in other private collections (primary sources). Information was also given to me by some of Dean’s publishers. When neither of these sources was available I consulted secondary sources (mainly indexes) and confirmed all of that data with other secondary sources. Therefore, there are still a few areas that are incomplete and I will endeavor to fill in those blanks as information becomes available. (Feel free to offer you assistance.)
  • Throughout my research I came across several titles that are rumored to be by Dean but I was unable to confirm or deny the legitimacy of these rumors. I decided that it would be better to err on the side of caution and not include those items. There are some items that I have still included for which Dean has offered an indirect denial. When applicable, those denials are included.
  • I have pretty much stuck to listing first printings of any particular edition. When other items are available (a different cover of a later printing, or a non-English edition) I’ve generally included them at the bottom of a work’s page.
  • Publications that contain Koontz material (such as magazines and anthologies) are not given their own listings. All data pertaining to those publications are listed under the Koontz work that is included in that publication.
  • Newspaper and magazine articles that relate to a specific Koontz publication are listed under that work (ex: Watchers 3 legal battle). Articles on Koontz and his work in general are to be found in the appendices.
  • I have focused solely on English-language editions since this is the language in which Dean writes. In most cases the described editions are the US editions. However, other English-language (mostly UK) editions are also listed (and marked) when they have bibliographical significance. These cases include when an item was published in another country prior to the US edition, when the foreign edition is the only edition (Chase), when the foreign title differs from the US title (Darkfall/Darkness Comes) or when it is the only edition in a particular format (A Darkness in My Soul).
  • All of the images in this book are from my personal collection unless otherwise noted. All images relate directly to an item listed in the book. I have not included any images of items that are not described.
  • A lack of particular information does not imply that the information does not exist. It’s just that I’ve either not entered it yet, or I haven’t been able to confirm it to my satisfaction.

See the Frequently Asked Questions for more details and specifics.

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I hope that you enjoy this site and find it useful. If you have any information that you believe should be included in a future edition of this book please drop me a line. I’d be happy for any input that you might have.