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Books Needed as of 11/24/2019 

November 24, 2019

With my recent acquisition of a first printing paperback of Strangers I mentioned on Facebook that this was one of a small handful of paperback firsts I was missing. I was then asked for what else I was missing. So, here’s the current list of known items missing from my collection. If you believe you have one of these that you’re willing to part with, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to discuss.

  • Again, Dangerous Visions (UK HC 1st)
  • Be Mine by Rick Mofina (2004 PBK blurb )
  • Breathless (LP HC NOT BCE)
  • By the Light of the Moon (LP HC [NOT BCE])
  • Chase (UK/AUS LP HC & TBPK)
  • Chase (UK PBK Headline 1st)
  • Christmas is Good (HC)
  • Children of Infinity (HC [Have BCE])
  • Children of the Storm (Dwyer / Magnum)
  • Complete Masters of Darkness (LTD)
  • Continuum 3 (UK HC 1st)
  • Continuum 4 (UK HC 1st)
  • The Dark of the Summer (Dwyer / Magnum)
  • Darkness Comes (Star UK PBK)
  • Demon Child (Dwyer / Magnum)
  • Face (LP HC non-BCE)
  • Frankenstein: City of Night (Cassette)
  • Frankenstein: Dead and Alive (2009 CD 0-7393-1717-2)
  • From the Corner of His Eye (UK TPBK upgrade 0-7472-7074-0)
  • Funhouse (VHS w/ red square)
  • Good Guy (LP 9780739327258) [NOT EXLIB UPGRADE]
  • House of Thunder by Leigh Nichols (UK HC)
  • Key to Midnight by Leigh Nichols (UK HC)
  • Key to Midnight (Dark Harvest Trade HC)
  • Key to Midnight (LP, not exlib)
  • Legacy of Terror by Deanna Dwyer (Magnum)
  • The Mask (PBK 1st)
  • Midnight (LP HC)
  • Night Chills UK (HC 1st)
  • Nightrunners (Lansdale Lettered)
  • Powers: Secret Histories 3 vol set (1 of 26)
  • Prison of Ice (UK HC)
  • Richard Matheson Companion (TRADE HC)
  • Richard Matheson Companion (LETTERED)
  • Servants of Twilight (CD)
  • Shadowfires (LP HC [upgrade])
  • Shadowfires (LP TPBK)
  • Sole Survivor (HC unsigned 1st upgrade)
  • Through Shattered Glass by David B. Silva (LETTERED)
  • Twilight Eyes (DRK BCE)
  • Wall of Masks (UK HC) if it exists
  • Watchers (UK LP 0-75050-296-7)
  • Watchers (LP TPBK 1-56054-958-0)

Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash

What edition of Midnight is this?

January 18, 2019

While entering the record for Dean R. Koontz: Thee Novels in One Volume (below left) I came across someone selling that book but the listing had a completely different cover. (Below right)

All of other showings of this cover I can find online insist this is a cover for the omnibus edition (not true as I have a copy of that in my collection) or for an edition of Midnight with an ISBN of 0517079127 which also leads me down some dead ends. I’ve contacted the ABE seller for additional details but I’m hoping someone here has one and can provide me with some clarification. Thanks!

The Twilight Eyes Promotional Poster: Who signed how many?

January 28, 2018

In the past I’ve known that there were both numbered (quantity unknown) and unnumbered (350 copies) states of the Land of Enchantment promotional poster for their edition of Twilight Eyes. Also, for those years I’ve had one of the signed unnumbered ones on my wall.

For reference, here’s a zoom in on the signed area:

This week two more copies of this poster have come into my possession. Both of them are from the numbered set of 350. In this case copy numbers 176 and 278. Shown here:

Notice the difference? #176 is signed by just Phil, while #278 is signed by both Dean and Phil.
Color me confused.
So now, not only am I wondering how many unnumbered copies were released, but I’m also wondering how many of the numbered ones were signed by either one or both participants. Were there some numbered ones only signed by Dean?
What’s the story here? If you have any info I’d love to hear it.

Needed: Innocence ad in People magazine

January 11, 2014

People Innocence AdAccording to the Dean Koontz Facebook account the ad shown in this post appears in the December 16, 2013 issue of People magazine. I have a copy in front of me and it does not. Maybe it appears in a different issue from December 2013? Can anyone assist?

Needed: A better scan of the Forever Odd ARC

May 27, 2013

Forever Odd - ARCThe scanning is progressing much faster than I’ve expected. As of this afternoon I’ve scanned more than 500 items. If that seems like a lot, to put it in perspective I’m estimating that I’ve scanned only about 15% off my collection so far…
One thing that I have found is that the cover of my advance copy of Forever Odd was seriously mis-printed as you can see in the image accompanying this post. (Despite what it looks like, that’s not damage, just spots missing the coloring.) If anyone has a copy that’s been printed correctly and can send me a full-color 320dpi .tiff of the cover, you’ll have my eternal thanks and be listed in the book’s acknowledgements.

Needed: Cool Cat

November 17, 2012

So, I found this page:
Which says: ‘”Cool Cat is the coolest!” Dean Koontz, NY Times Bestseller’
Which led me to:
Which includes the same quote.
What I’m looking for is something that give that quote from Dean a context. Is it on one of the Cool Cat books? Was it in a review?

Needed: “The Specter of Death Shadows Stephen King’s IT”

July 13, 2012

Dean wrote a review of Stephen King’s IT back in 1986 and it was published in the San Jose Mercury News on 31 August 1986. Can anyone find me a copy of this?

Needed: First Headline (UK) edition of Darkfall

July 8, 2012

Long-time Koontz collectors are generally aware that from it’s original release in 1984 Darkfall was known as Darkness Comes in the UK. Why? I have no idea. However Dean’s latest batch of notes pointed out something I’d missed. The UK publisher of Darkness Comes, Headline finaly brought itself in line with the US publisher and changed the title to Darkfall. So, here’s the thing. I keep trying to order a copy through third-party sellers on Amazon and they keep sending me copies of Darkness Comes instead of Darkfall, regardless of the fact that Darkfall is what’s shown in the listing. Even if I was to get my hands on a copy, there’s no promise that it’ll be the first printing/edition under the Darkfall title and I can’t even tell if it’s a mass market or trade paperback. So, does anyone have one of the first printing/editions of Headline’s Darkfall? If so, please leave a comment as I’d like to get the proper information listed in the book.
Update 12/18/12:
It does look like that on November 22, 2012 Headline did release an eBook edition titled Darkfall and I have added it to the manuscript as one of the very few eBooks that will be included. However, I have still yet to locate a print UK edition under this title.

Needed: The Book of Counted Sorrows Dogged Press Edition

July 8, 2012

I’m looking for any and all information about the Dogged Press edition of The Book Of Counted Sorrows. There are two copies available via third-party sellers on if you’re not familiar with this edition. I know it was originally offered via the now defunct store on and Dogged Press is Dean’s own publishing imprint. However, I don’t know how many copies were printed (I’m assuming it was a limited edition,) if it was numbered or lettered, it’s page count, original list/cover price, ISBN, or printing statement.
Wikipedia says “In the summer of 2009, Dogged Press issued a 3000-copy hardcover edition” but I’d like to get confirmation of that.
Basically, if you’ve got a copy of this one or can point me to a reliable Web page with more details, please leave a comment.
Update 10 July 2012:
Turns out that there was an ad for this edition in the Spring 2008 issue of Useless News which included the original list price of $30.00 and stating the print run was just 3,000 copies. So, I’ve got some of the info but I’m still looking for a more specific release date, page count, ISBN (if there was one), and printing statement.
Update 11 July 2012:
The plot thickens! (a.k.a. welcome to my own private version of Hell.) But the Holidays 2007 issue of Useless News says this edition is selling for $35. My biggest question right now is, why didn’t I just buy a copy back then?

Needed: Info on the leather-bound edition of The Bad Place

July 6, 2012

Here’s a screencap from this television interview with Dean:

Do you see that leather-bound edition of The Bad Place? (Fifth from the right, starting with the one with the white spine. Click for a larger version of the image.) I know nothing about this. Can anyone provide any information about it. All searching on my part has come up with absolutely nothing.

Needed: “Trapped” audio pricing

March 11, 2012


Science Fiction


Dove Audio

Read by Bess Armstrong (“Trapped”)

Contains the contents of “Stalkers” (above) along with abridged versions of Crystal Singer by Ann McCaffrey and The Druid of Shannara by Terry Brooks.

Six tapes, length not stated

ISBN: 0-7871-0186-9

Cover Price: not stated
Original List Price: unknown

Needed: Seize the Night large print list price

March 11, 2012

Large Print

G.K. Hall

Reprint of the trade hardcover edition


Trade Paperback

ISBN: 0-7838-8529-6

Cover price: Not stated

Original List Price: unknown

Needed: Orange County Register article?

March 11, 2012

There’s a story in the 20 January 1998 issue. All information needed at this time.

Needed: Newsweek article?

March 11, 2012

There’s something in the 11 December 1991 issue. All information needed at this time.

Needed: "Trixie and Friends"

March 11, 2012

According to the Autumn ’99 issue of Useless News this article originally appeared in the Spring/Summer 1999 issue of “Southland Magazine”. I’m looking for a copy of the article along with the cover of the magazine and issue/page information.

Needed: Drowned Man's Reel details

March 11, 2012

clip_image001“The Truth About Christmas” in Drowned Man’s Reel by Charles de Lint, 1988, Triskell Press

I’m looking for the number of pages, cover price, and whether Dean’s essay is an intro, afterword or other

Needed: Winter Moon large print prices

March 11, 2012

Large Print
Thorndike Press

ISBN: 0-7862-0250-5
Cover price: Not stated
Original List Price: Unknown

Trade Paperback
ISBN: 0-7862-0251-3
Cover price: Not stated
Original List Price: Unknown

Needed: Weird Tales, Winter 1990/1991

March 11, 2012

I’ve heard there was a Limited hardcover edition. All information needed at this time.

Needed: Christmas is Good printing statement

March 11, 2012

October 27, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4013-2294-6
Cover Price: $16.99

Needed: Dark Rivers of the Heart audio details

March 11, 2012

I seem to be lacking all details regarding an audio edition of this title with the exception of “RandomHouse Audiobook”.