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The Collector’s Guide to Dean Koontz is now online!

May 7, 2018

Welcome to the brand new online version of The Collector’s Guide to Dean Koontz!

What makes this version different than the previous two?

  1. This isn’t just a blog. The blog continues as part of this site, but there is SO MUCH MORE.
  2. This site contains the content of what was going to be in the many-years-late print book from Cemetery Dance Publications. There still may be a book someday, not for now, it’s all available to you, for free, here on this site.

Though today is the official launch date, there’s still a lot of content that’s not on the site yet. As of today, I’ve entered everything from G-Z with some exceptions.

For those of you that like stats, at the time of this post there are 445 guide entries containing 1,044 individual editions and the site as a whole has 1,270 images. By my estimates, only about 50% of the content is in the site right now.

Feel free to comment, submit new content, I just ask that you first read Noah Mitchell’s Foreword, my Introduction, the About the Guide page, and the FAQ, before asking too many questions. There are a lot of answers already on those pages.

In the weeks and months to come I’ll continue to enter more content slowly but surely. Be sure to keep an eye here, or on Facebook or Twitter for continuing news and new content announcements.

Devoted cover images and excerpt

November 13, 2019‘s got the cover image up for Devoted and Flavorwire has an animated version of the cover along with an excerpt…

The two-lane blacktop is a dark snake slithering through the moon-washed paleness of the Utah wastelands. In the nearly empty vastness, small clusters of lights glimmer here and there in the distance, like extraterrestrial pod craft that have descended from the mother ship on some nefarious mission.

Traveling south out of the Provo suburbs into ever greater isolation, Lee Shacket dares not take Interstate 15. He uses less-busy state highways, undivided federal highways when he must, anxious to put as much distance as possible between himself and the events at the Springville facility.

If he has committed as much evil as any man in history, he has done it with the best intentions. He believes that those intentions matter more than the consequences of his actions. How could humanity have advanced from caves to orbiting space stations if all men and women were risk averse? Some seek knowledge and rise to challenges at whatever cost, and because of them, progress is made.

Anyway, all may be well in the end. The final result of the project is not yet known, only that it’s gone wrong in mid stage. Every scientific endeavor is marked by setbacks. Ultimately, failure can be the father of success if one learns from the errors made.

The Koontz Living Trust

November 12, 2019

In my defense I’m a librarian and a copyright nerd, but did anyone else notice the new copyright assignment on the Nameless books?

“Text Copyright © 2019 by The Koontz Living Trust”

Entertainment Weekly: Read (or listen) an excerpt from Dean Koontz’s newest story collection, Nameless

November 11, 2019

It’s a time of great change for publishing, and technology has opened up many new possibilities for storytelling. So for his next book, best-selling author Dean Koontz is trying something new. Nameless is a collection of stories focused on a mysterious vigilante without a name — he adopts many, from “Alan Grofield” to “Ben Shepherd,” but his true name is Nameless. He goes on missions from someone known as Ace of Diamonds, who sends him with the money, hotel rooms, guns, and information needed to take out criminals. Nameless has experience and know-how, but more importantly possesses the superhuman gift of clairvoyance, allowing him to glimpse both the future and his own enigmatic past.

Nameless: A Collection of Six Stories combines the serialized fiction of the past with the bingeable fiction of today. Released all at once digitally on Amazon like a streaming show, each installment of Nameless will provide more information about the character at the heart of it all.

Below, check out an exclusive excerpt from the Nameless story “In the Heart of the Fire.” Read the rest of “In the Heart of the Fire,” as well as the next five episodes of Namelesswhen it hits Amazon on Nov. 12, free for Prime and Kindle Unlimited members.

Check it out @ Entertainment Weekly

What’s New & Updated November 10, 2019

November 9, 2019

A day early this week as I’m taking a short overnight trip. Several bookstores will be involved so hopefully I’ll come back with some new treasures. In the meantime, it looks like the Nameless books will be Audible audio exclusives along with the Kindle eBook versions. The image here is the “cover” on the six-book collection from Audible.

Dean Koontz reveals 6 new thrillers — and why you won’t find them in bookstores by Jim Ruland

November 7, 2019

Built-in bookshelves line both sides of the hallway that leads to Dean Koontz’s office at his sprawling home in Newport Coast, and every one of them is crammed with books. Not just any books. His books.

“When I’m having a bad day,” he says as we pass through the hallway, “this reminds me that I’ve done this before.”

That’s a bit of an understatement.

Dean Koontz is one of a handful of writers whose name people recognize even if they haven’t read his work. He’s written more than 100 books, 14 of which have landed on the top spot of the New York Times Best Seller list. He’s sold more than 450 million copies of his work.

But his latest project, “Nameless,” isn’t on these shelves. Nor will you find a copy at your local library or bookstore.

Published by Amazon, the “Nameless” series is being released only in electronic and audio formats. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can download the first installment free starting Nov. 12. It’s an unconventional approach for an unconventional book.

I spoke with Koontz about “Nameless” at his home office, where he says he spends a minimum of 10 hours a day, six days a week, typing away on a computer that does not have access to the internet.

Like much of his home, the room’s furnishings and design reflect an Art Deco aesthetic. “I just love the Art Deco period,” Koontz says. “Common everyday objects were made like works of art. That’s all lost now.”

His latest project is a bit of a throwback to the Parker novels by Donald E. Westlake (writing as Richard Stark): short, gritty crime stories with a no-nonsense protagonist. In one scene, Koontz even drops the name “Alan Grofield,” a recurring character in Parker’s capers.

Read the full article @ the LA Times
Image: Author Dean Koontz at his Newport Coast home with Elsa. (Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times)

California will never stop burning by Dan Zak

November 6, 2019

Jim Moseley, founder and chief executive of Sun FireDefense, demonstrates his fire protection spray for author Dean Koontz, who is considering such defenses for his home outside Irvine. (Dan Zak/The Washington Post)

Thirty miles southwest of the 46 Fire, Dean Koontz, the mega­selling novelist, was standing outside his enormous new home the morning after Halloween.

“We had friends who wouldn’t move to California because of earthquakes.”

Like other Californians, he has stood on a roof with a garden hose and a stance of defiance.

“They moved to the Gulf Coast and got hit by a hurricane.”

It costs a fortune to insure some homes in California. This is why Koontz invited Moseley and his team for a consultation about a defensive sprinkler system and his SPF3000 spray. Local authorities have challenged the effectiveness and safety of the product, but Moseley has testimonials from grateful clients and documentation of test results.

He also has his on-the-go demonstration. On Koontz’s front stoop, Moseley blowtorches one end of a piece of wood. It ignites, burns, starts to disintegrate. Then he torches the other side, which has been treated with SPF3000. It blackens but does not ignite. Then Moseley scrapes the charred veneer with a car key to reveal intact wood underneath.AD

“Impressive,” Koontz says. His Tuscan-style villa is in a gated community near Irvine. This is a place of Bentleys and catering trucks, and an air of invincibility. Koontz knows that nothing is invincible. If he were younger, maybe he’d move to a place that wasn’t quaking and conflagrating so much. Arizona, perhaps. But he loves it here.

“None of us live forever,” he says. “And you have to weigh the quality of life with the risk.”

Read the full article @ The Washington Post

What’s New & Updated November 4, 2019

November 4, 2019

I’ve got nothing new for you this week. No excuses or reasons, just didn’t feel like it this week. Luckily this doesn’t happen all that often. (There were a few blog posts though, so be sure to check those out if you haven’t already.

Tunnel Boy then & now

November 4, 2019

So yeah, TMZ is pretty much near the bottom of my list of sites I want to point anyone to, but they’ve done a then & now on Lucas Elliot Eberl who played the tunnel boy in Phantoms so here ya go.

The Agent was not written by Dean

November 3, 2019

Some chucklehead is taking advantage of how Amazon’s systems work and has written a Kindle book titled “The Agent.” The fun part is that the “author’s” “name” is “Dean A Koontz” which Amazon is then connecting to our one and only Dean Koontz. I think the A stands for Asshat! Sadly, some readers have already fallen for this. If you have, please demand a refund. I’ve also reported the issue to @AmazonHelp on twitter and will let you know what they say, if anything. In the meantime, I’m not providing a link so as to not give the “author” and Google juice. I’m sure you can find it yourself.

World Over Interview from 2014

November 2, 2019

Missed this one at the time so here you go.

Dean Koontz is… Alright I Guess

October 30, 2019

The folks over at the CF3 Podcast recently interviewed André Gower, star of The Monster Squad and of course the t-shirt he was wearing at the beginning of the movie came up…

They discussed how this shirt has gone on to have a bit of a cult following along with other versions having been made. Funnily enough, a friend of Mr. Gower’s made him a Dean Koontz version. You can check out the relevant bit of the episode here:

Here’s the best part: you can now buy that shirt! Just head on over to the Coast City Comics web site and for just $14 you can wear your Koontz fandom, uh, proudly?

What’s New & Updated October 28, 2019

October 28, 2019

The big news this past week is that Devoted is available for pre-order in various formats from your favorite bookseller.

  • Devoted HC temporary cover, release date, and MP3-CD
  • Phantoms film score
  • Something About The Author volumes 92, 165, & 225 into Appendix A
  • Suspense Magazine Fall 2019 to Appendix G

Devoted available for pre-order

October 22, 2019

Here’s the links to pre-order the hardcover, Kindle, and MP3-CD Audiobook editions.

Phantoms Score

October 22, 2019

The original version of this post linked to an online source that wasn’t legit so I’ve replaced it with this version pointing everyone to composer David C. Williams’ Bandcamp page where you can digitally purchase the score directly from him. (There’s been no physical release as far as I can tell at this time.)

What’s New & Updated October 21, 2019

October 21, 2019

Ok, inclusion of “The Magic Puppy” might be a stretch but I figured why not.

Ghouls Next Door on Phantoms & Demon Seed

October 15, 2019

What’s New & Updated October 14, 2019

October 14, 2019

Recently a seller on ABE Books tried to leverage Dean’s name to get better prices on two erotic novels published by Cameo. Through research I was able to completely discredit one of the two and expressed my concern about the other. Sadly the seller won’t remove Dean’s name from either. I won’t specify the seller but one of the two titles is The Making of Veronica and I’ve linked to my information below along with the rest of this week’s updates & new entries.

Alvaro Zinos-Amaro Reviews Aliens in Popular Culture, Edited by Michael M. Levy & Far­ah Mendlesohn

October 10, 2019

“…The entry on Larry Niven talks about his various “hard science fiction” stories; why not recommend Hal Clement in the “See also” section? And speaking of recommendations, the article on “Alien Spaceship Design” directs our attention to the book A Dream Given Form: The Unofficial Guide to the Universe of Babylon 5, but misattributes one of its authors as Dean Koontz rather than K. Dale Koontz. I think we can all agree that Dean Koontz is prolific enough as is!”

Read the full article @ Locus Online

What’s New & Updated October 7, 2019

October 7, 2019

Could have added a bit more this week but I figured I’d just leave the focus on the big announcement of the six Nameless titles from last week. You have of course per-ordered them, correct?

Nice little town. Do you Like cows?

October 5, 2019

A little joke about Shippensburg, PA in the HBO show Divorce.