Appendix F

Collecting Errors

After the Race
This title is mentioned in the article “King Versus Koontz: Style and Invasion” by Michael R. Collings in issue #7 of Bill Munster’s Footsteps. It is an obvious typographical error as Mr. Collins is referring to After the Last Race and does so correctly elsewhere in the article.

K.M. Dwyer
According to The Science Fiction Encyclopedia (edited by Peter Nichols, Doubleday/Dolphin, 1979) one of Dean’s pseudonyms is ”K.M. Dwyer.” This is an obvious error, which should read “K.R. Dwyer.”

Stolen Thunder and Dragon Jet by David Axton
These are not books by Dean.  The only connection made is the author’s name being the same as one previously used by Koontz. See: Letter in Locus #443. See also: Prison of Ice.

Sharkman Six by Owen West
This is not a book by Dean. It was a hardcover released in October 2001 by Simon & Schuster (ISBN 0-7432-0542-1.) There is an author bio and photo included. Since no previous DK pseudonym publication contained a false-author photo (and in some cases contained of photo of DK himself.)

Heartbeeps by John Hill
This paperback is a novelization of a movie starring Any Kaufman and Bernadette Peters written by an author with the name John Hill. This is not a book written by Koontz under that pseudonym.

The Irish poet Brian Coffey
Just a similar name. Sorry.

“The Sex Machine” by Lee Griffin in Mr., November 1968
Claimed by some to be by Dean based on factors including the existence of “Love 2005” in the November 1967 issue and the pseudonym “overlap” of Lee/Leigh and (Ann) Griffin. I have read this story and it has none of the hallmarks of Dean’s style at the time.

Magazine advertisement for Saturn Car Manufacturers
Details Magazine, January 1995, p10-11 (and many other popular magazines of the time)

Main caption: “In his travels, satellite dish salesman Dean Koontz has sold six Saturns.”  The person in the ad is not the author Dean Koontz, just has the same name. Included here based on the fact that a rumor was started on the Internet about this advertisement featuring the author Dean Koontz.

All the Lonely People by David B. Silva
According to The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 15 (2004) “while David B. Silva’s All the Lonely People was about a mysterious box that has the power to change lives and included an Introduction by Dean Koontz.”

When asked about this a representative of the publisher, Dellirium Books, responded “No such introduction ever existed or was ever even contracted.”

From A Checklist of Dean R. Koontz compiled by Christopher R. Stephens
This publication has two significant errors. The first is Aphrodite Girl, which is obviously a miss-title of Aphrodisiac Girl. The other is a listing for a forthcoming title The Shadow Sea for which Dean claims no knowledge of any such title ever being planned.

Jane Nichols
In the article “Will the Real Author Please Stand Up?” for the Web site Large Print Reviews dated March 1, 2001, Rochelle Caviness states “…and Dean Koontz has written under more than 12 pen names, including the name Jane Nichols.”
Original URL:

The film Flatliners starring Keifer Southerland & Julia Roberts
The Psychotronic Video Guide to Film
by Michael J. Weldon
St. Martin’s Press, 1996, p210
“Ticket buyers expecting a fun fantasy movie most have been surprised by this one, adapted from a novel by Dean Koontz.”

This is obviously incorrect, as the film is not based upon any Koontz novel or story.

Wings of Fire by Jonathan Strahan and Marianne S. Jablon (2010)
According to the product description (as of 2/10/2019): “Dragons: Fearsome fire-breathing foes, scaled adversaries, legendary lizards, ancient hoarders of priceless treasures, serpentine sages with the ages’ wisdom, and winged weapons of war… Wings of Fire brings you all these dragons, and more, seen clearly through the eyes of many of today’s most popular authors, including Peter Beagle, Holly Black, Orson Scott Card, Charles De Lint, Diana Wynne Jones, Mercedes Lackey, Ursula K Le Guin, Dean R Koontz, George R. R. Martin, Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Moon, Garth Nix, and many others.”
The book does not contain any story by Dean.

The Warriors: Jailbreak (graphic novel)
Various online listings had Dean listed as an author. This is a metadata error as Dean had nothing to do with this publication.

Dead. Dead again. One More Time by Dean Koontz (2010)
The title of the book Dean is signing in Squidbillies episode #42 “The Liar, the Bitch and the Bored Rube”. This is not an actual Dean Koontz title.

Bloom (eBook)
From the article “Dean Koontz tells io9 about the Odd Thomas movie… and a possible Frankenstein TV show”
Original URL:

“The e-book format, and the somewhat shorter length, gives Koontz the ability to do things he wouldn’t normally do, something he found previously when he wrote an e-book-only novella called Bloom a while back.”
No book, “e” or otherwise, has been published under this title.

Hands of Salvation (2013)
“Dean Koontz (Bantam, $21.95)

“Weston McKay is blessed with an extraordinary power and curse: His right hand can cure any sick person through touch alone, but then his left hand automatically slaps the person’s face really hard.”

This is a made-up book featured in an article titled “Top 5 Best-Selling Books — Week Of September 24, 2013” published online by The Onion, a satirical publication.
Original URL:,33969/

Dean Koontz’s Terror Tales

One time I was gonna run a post claiming that a non-existent Hulu anthology series called DEAN KOONTZ’S TERROR TALES had been canceled after 5 seasons. The point was to create confusion. My boss got wind of this and dropped the hammer, but some of our faux promo material lives on”
Scott Wampler on Twitter, November 26, 2019

A Dream Given Form: The Unofficial Guide to the Universe of Babylon 5
This is a book by Ensley F. Guffey and K. Dale Koontz. Unfortunately authors Michael M. Levy & Far­ah Mendlesohn list Dean as the author in their book Aliens in Popular Culture. Reviewer Alvaro Zinos-Amaro points this out in his review of the book published in Locus #701, June 2019, p53.

Insanity by Dean Koontz
In the August 19, 2019 episode of the Momderlust podcast titled “Travel, Books and Music” the hosts briefly discuss having read the book “Insanity” by Dean Koontz. (40:02-40:20) This is an obvious misstating of the title Intensity.

Foreword to How to Reach Eternity by Daniel Love
An unused prop book from the film Cult (2019) directed by Luke Ibbetson
According to the Mr. Ibbetson on Twitter, 12/5/2020: “In Cult the leader of Friends at the End wrote a book in the 50’s called How To Reach Eternity. It went through many editions. We made this prop for the shoot and I was gutted that the joke about the forward being from Dean Koontz never made it in the final cut. ”

Betrayed by Dean Koontz
in the March 23, 2021 episode of the Suspense Radio podcast the host says the following: “Of course, you all know him for all of his work you know The Watchers [sic], Phantoms, The Bad Place, going back, and now the newer stuff that he has put out with Betrayed and a lot of the other things he’s done with Amazon…” I’m not sure what book the host is thinking of but Dean has not published a book under this title.

Vengeance by Deane Koontz amazon screesnhot

When a Stranger Comes to Town edited by Michael Kroyta
In the article “20 New Novels for Spring” (AARP, March 2, 2021) the then forthcoming anthology When a Stranger Comes to Town is said contain “19 stories by the crème de la crème of mystery writers, including heavyweight scribes like Michael Connelly, Dean Koontz…” Sadly, no story by Dean was included in the published book.

The Forest
On August 26, 2021 this statement appeared on Dean’s Twitter feed: “I didn’t write THE FOREST. It’s a scam. Avoid this by subscribing to my newsletter at, which announces new books.”
I don’t know the story behind this and would love to have more details. The only thing I can think of is that this is a mangled reference to The Secret Forest which was also never published. (See Appendix C)

Vengeance by Deane Koontz
Then there are titles and covers such as these designed to confuse people. Luckily this seems to be long gone from Amazon. (Screenshot from early 2023.)

Various other pornographic titles

There are a number of pornographic titles that I have seen attributed to Dean which I feel can be ruled out as having been written by Dean regardless of the true authorship of the titles otherwise listed in this site. Here are those titles along with their author, publication details, and reason for listing them here.

  • Bitter Honey by Jan Cheux, Cameo 8025, 1969, Documented pseudonym of Byron Chew
  • Bottoms are Tops and other titles by Dr. Gerda Mundinger
    Dr. Mendinger is a well-documented pseudonym of Paul Hugo Little
  • Camera Chicks by Hector Lamar, Cameo 8057, 1970, Documented pseudonym of B.C. Hall
  • Camera Chicks by Hector Lamar, Ilicit Library WKG-160, $3.95, , Documented pseudonym of B.C. Hall
  • Crazy for It by Todd Kingsley, New Library 423, 1968, $0.95, See Sextet
    Deviate Generation by Russell Trainor, Mcfadden, 1972, Documented actual author,
  • Doctor Sex by Todd Kingsley, Neva Paperbacks, 1967, See Sextet
    High School Hotbed by Jan Cheux, Cameo 8017, 1969, Copyright records say pseudonym of Byron Chew
  • A Gallery of Nudes by J. Hume Parkinson, Olympia Press TC-41, 1957, 192, See Sextet.
    (Seriously if Dean was Mr. Parkinson he would have written this when he was 12.)
  • A Gallery of Nudes by J. Hume Parkinson, Brandon House 3015, 1967, $1.75, Reprint #1
  • A Gallery of Nudes by J. Hume Parkinson, Collector’s Edition CE-101, 1967, $1.75, Reprint #2
  • A Gallery of Nudes by J. Hume Parkinson, Collector’s Publication, CP 21160, 1970, $1.75, Reprint #3
  • Lay Me Down by Gordon Cervantes, Lancer 76314, 1972, $1.95, Stylistically too different. See entry for Lay Me Down, But Not to Die
  • Lay Me Down! by Jason Dobbins, Bee-Line Books / An Orpheus Original 662-K, 1970, $1.75, Stylistically too different. See entry for Lay Me Down, But Not to Die
  • Losing It by Linda Pawling. See A Willing Teacher (below)
  • The Making of Veronica by Calvin Kosiki (Oval Books, OB 529, 1973)
    A reprint of The Making of Veronica by Russ Trainer (Chveron, 114, 1967)
  • New Oral Sex Expressions by Jan Cheux, Cameo Sex Reality Series 9CD-4005, $4.95, Documented pseudonym of Byron Chew
  • Oral Sex Elucidations by Anonymous, TGS, 2015, Reprint of New Oral Sex Expressions
  • Pet by Jan Cheux, Cameo 8035, 1969, Documented pseudonym of Byron Chew
  • Private and Bizarre by C.S. Vanek, Olympia Press TC-503, 1971, $1.95, See Thrust
  • Room at the Topless by Todd Kingsley, Neva Books, 1967, See Sextet
    Sex Starlets by Ely Kazani, Spade SP-978, No evidence of any connection whatsoever
  • Sextet by Todd Kingsley, Original Research 918, 1969, $1.25, Not a reprint of Sextet by Parinson. Stylistically too different.
  • Sextet by J. Hume Parkinson, Olympia Press TC-464, 1965, $1.95, No indication in any Olympia Press resources that Koontz worked w/ them. Also too early in Dean’s writing career.
  • The Skin Book by C.S. Vanek, Olympia Press TC-449, 1969, $1.95, See Sextet
  • Thrust by Todd Kingsley, Research Classic, See Sextet
  • Thrust by C.S. Vanek, Olympia Press TC-467, 1969, $1.95, See Sextet
  • Thrust by C.S. Vanek, Olympia Press 0700413901, 1972, Reprint of 1969 release
  • The Wayward Teacher by Linda Pawling, Cameo Crown CC-182, $1.25, Stylistically too different
  • The Willing Actress, Monique, Pad Adult Library PAL 534, 1973, $1.95, Stylistically too different

Anthony Dean: This article (archived version) from the Vintage Sleeze blog asks the question “Is Anthony Dean a pseudonym for Dean Koontz? I don’t know…but it is said he collaborated on “30 erotic novels” with his wife. Anyone else?” The simple answer is no.

But then there’s these titles which others have claimed to possibly be by Dean but I have neither personally seen any copies and/or have produced any research that would imply or deny a connection therefore I can neither claim a connection nor completely deny one.

  • Love Seeker by Brian Hayes Spade
  • Picnic of Sin by Jeff Michaels (Gourmet Editions, GED-142, 1982)
    Same author name as the Jeff Michaels version of Share the Warm Flesh as published by Gourmet Editions. All research points to this being just another use of the name and not a title in any other way connected to Dean.
    Reprinted as Sex Picnic by Kinky Capri (Darque Taboo Press, 2007) [most likely an unauthorized re-publication.]
  • Rich Man’s Child by Hannah Marston (Oval Books, OB 526, 1973)

Regarding Fanzines: (From
“In the earliest couple of years of his career, Dean wrote a few letters and articles for science-fiction fanzines. He was not prolific in this area because he was too busy writing fiction to pay the bills and to learn his craft. Therefore, in 1991, Dean was shocked to learn that a person he had previously worked with professionally had, beginning in 1969 and continuing at least through the early 1970s, been writing letters in Dean’s name to individuals and had submitted letters, and even some articles, in Dean’s name to fanzines. The name “X” will do until the full story can be told in Dean’s memoirs. All of this information was first disclosed to Dean in 1991 when X provided a written admission of these activities, although he could not remember everyone to whom these forged letters and articles had been sent. Consequently, any fanzine appearances by Dean after 1968 are highly suspect unless they were submitted with a cover letter on his own letterhead of that time.”

 Regarding Letters: (From
“From time to time, people have put Dean’s letters on the market, and collectors have bought them. Some of these letters have been forgeries–or to be polite, hoaxes–and collectors’ money has been wasted. Thus far, to Dean’s knowledge, all the hoaxes have been typed on plain paper, not on Dean’s letterhead stationery. Dean began using letterheads in 1968 and he has in his personal files samples of each of the many stationeries he has used over the years. For your assistance, we considered posting all letterheads (with dates of use) on this website, but then realized we would be providing the bad guys with information and materials that would undeniably help them with future forgeries. Suffice to say that a letter on plain paper purporting to be signed by Dean, after late 1968, is all but certainly not a letter written by Dean. If you have in your collection what you believe to be genuine Koontz letters, on letterhead, you can photocopy the document, send the copy to Dean at his snail-mail address (Dean Koontz, P.O. Box 9529, Newport Beach, CA 92658), and he will confirm that it is indeed–or isn’t–his stationery and his actual signature.”

Regarding Pen Names, Secret: (From
“There are no secret pen names used by Dean. Over the years, numerous books have been incorrectly attributed to Dean–such as the novels of Shane Stevens–which he did not write. Some bibliographers have in good-faith cited “proof” of authorship, but none of the proofs stand up to scrutiny. Some book dealers have claimed that Library of Congress and/or Copyright Office records supposedly prove their contentions. While certain misinformation has previously existed in the Library of Congress and Copyright Office files, we have made every effort for Gerda or Dean to file clarifying affidavits with these governmental agencies. If you are ever told that the records of the Library of Congress or Copyright Office verify that a work of collectible pen-name fiction you are considering buying was authored by Dean but that book is not listed in this collector’s section or in the bibliography available elsewhere on this web site, you are not being told the truth. See “Writing Popular Fiction,” “Letters,” “Fanzines,” “Library of Congress/Copyright Office Verifications”, and “Unauthorized Mutilation of Dean’s Works” herein.”

Regarding Unauthorized Mutilation of Dean’s Works: (From
“In 1969, Dean agreed to have a small publisher publish two of his non-fiction works (one entitled THE SICK SOCIETY and the other entitled GOING UNDERGROUND) and two of his fiction works (one entitled HUNG and the other entitled TIGER 650). All four books were presented to the publisher as finished manuscripts and Dean fully expected for them to be published in the form submitted to the publisher. Unfortunately, all four books were put into production before Dean learned that the publisher had arranged, without Dean’s knowledge or consent, for them to be so completely rewritten that none of them, as published, bore much resemblance to the original manuscripts as submitted by Dean. Although he wasn’t able to stop publication, he did get the publisher to contractually agree to publish all four books under a pseudonym. The publisher further agreed to indemnify Dean against claims arising from the material added by the publisher: “Author and Publisher acknowledge that…the Work will be published with material changes from the original manuscripts of same, that the Publisher assumes all liability for the content of those new chapters and passages.” However, only one of the four books was published under a pen name- HUNG was published under the pen name Leonard Chris. THE SICK SOCIETY manuscript was published under the title PIG SOCIETY, the GOING UNDERGROUND manuscript was published under the title THE UNDERGROUND LIFESTYLES HANDBOOK, and the TIGER 650 manuscript was published under the title BOUNCE GIRL- all with Dean and Gerda Koontz as the credited authors, and therefore in breach of Dean’s contract with the publisher. Copyright Office files on all four of these books now reflects affidavits from Gerda and Dean stating that (1) Gerda did not participate in writing any portion of these books and (2) Dean disavows any claim of authorship or responsibility for the content of these four books due to the substantial nature of the unauthorized changes to his original manuscripts.”