Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happened to the book?
A: Many things but here’s what it boils down to: a Web site allows for a more up-to-date way to present all of this information, and allows for more interaction with, and contributions by, fellow collectors. Every time I felt like the manuscript was “done” I’d discover yet another thing that wasn’t already there. Now when that happens, I can just add it to this site, and everyone has access. A book would have just been a moment in time trying to catch a moving target. Finally I decided that I wanted people to be able to have access more than I wanted to see a physical book.

Q: Will there ever be a book?
A: There was a contract with Cemetery Dance to publish a physical book, and there has been since 1999. That contract has been cancelled. I have a new contract with them regarding this site. (See sponsorship question above.) In this contract I retain all rights to turn this content into a book with the publisher of my choice at any time. So, the official answer is “maybe.”

Q: I ordered and/or paid Cemetery Dance for a book. What happens now?
A: CD will be emailing or snail mailing the customers who ordered the book. You can also email in the meantime if you want.

Q: I ordered and/or paid some other bookseller for a book. What happens now?
A: You’ll need to work it out with that bookseller.

Q: Is Dean involved in this site?
A: Dean has been involved in the book project in the past and over the years has given me feedback on various versions of the manuscript. Dean is not involved in this site.

Q: Why are you entering things Z-A instead of A-Z?
A: Since WordPress is a blogging platform and new blog content is typically displayed in reverse-chronological order (newest item on top,) creating all the entries back-to-front makes it easier to get everything into the proper order in the end. That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to skip around sometimes due to a whim or to make sure a cross-reference gets created at the proper time.

Q: Why are some UK editions listed while many are not?
A: As Dean is a US author, I’m going with the premise of “follow the flag” which means all US editions take precedence. UK editions are listed when they’re “bibliographically significant.” I’m defining this as something that makes them unique or first. For example in the UK Darkfall was titled Darkness Comes. That’s significant. If a trade paperback edition come out in the UK first, that’s also significant. If the UK trade hardcover release pre-dates the US release, that would also be significant.

Q: Do you list eBooks?
A: eBooks are only listed when a title came out either first or exclusively in an eBook format. For example Ricochet JoeWhy I Shout at the Computer Screen, and The Book of Counted Sorrows.

Q: What about the Playaway audiobook format?
A: At this time I have not included these but I plan to. No promises however.

Q: How about “library editions” of audiobooks?
A: Many of the audiobooks have had “library edition” CD sets released in hardened clam-shell cases of some sort. They also tend to list for closer to $100 than $40. I have not included these as they just never really felt like “real” editions to me.

Q: Where are the entries for the Odd Thomas and Frankenstein books.
A: Honestly, the cross references for both series series are going to be a nightmare so I’m avoiding them for now. The current plan is to do them last. Look at it this way, their appearance will be the signal that I’ve entered the complete backlog of data into the site.

Q: Are you making money off this site?
A: The simple answer is no since no one is paying me to create or run this site. I However there are Amazon affiliate links in the blog so if you click over to Amazon form there an buy a book, I get a few cents. Additionally, Cemetery Dance Publication is sponsoring the site. See the next question.

Q: But what about Cemetery’s Dance’s sponsorship?
A: CD is paying the initial design costs, hosting costs, and the domain registration for the next several years. That’s it. They are not paying me.