For more than twenty years many people were involved in the creation of this work whether they know it or not. I’d like to thank:

For direct help with the manuscript: Noah Mitchell (an infinite number of drafts later…), Dan Farmer, Bill Osterman, and Richard Dean Starr.

For contributions above and beyond the call: P.D. Cacek, John Kupersmith (UC Berkley), Katherine Ramsland, Joe Lansdale, David Silva, Gary Brauenbeck, Barry Hoffman, George Beahm, and Paul F. Olson.

For filling in the holes: Albany Public Library (NY), Aurora (CO) Public Library (especially the ILL department), Brooklyn Public Library (NY), Luke Croll, Davis County Library (UT), Finney County PL (KS), Michelle Gann, Helen Hoopes (BYU Library), Ken Huebschman, Mesa County Public Library (CO), Norlin Library (University of Colorado, Boulder), Penrose Library (University of Denver), Alain Sprauel, Joe Stefko (Charnel House), Jonathan Torres, Michael Vaught, Waldenbooks in the Aurora Mall (CO), Stu Weaver, Joe Kuppersmith (UC Berkeley Library, CA), Laura Freas, Berkley Laite (Lehman Library, Shippensburg University), Richard Dean Starr, Alan Clark, Laurie Steffee, Greece (NY) Public Library, Jim Olsen, Steve Paul, Anthony F. Smith, Ted Armack, Ryann Uden, Anna Davis, Vanna Land, Matthey Hawley, Michael K. Lyons, Diana Krueger, Frank Brandon, Amanda Goodman, Susie Skerrett, Meaghan Scanlon (Library and Archives Canada), Deb Roberts (Kilgore Memorial Library), and Daniel Daugherty.

For inspiration & support: Louise Alcorn (W. Des Moines Public Library, IA), Richard Chizmar, W. Michael Gear & Kathleen O’Neal Gear, Mary Morris, Kathy Rainesalo (for the hats), Roy K. Robbins (Bad Moon Books), Laura Prakel-George, Gwynneth Gunnels, Phillip Tomasso III, and Dave Hinchberger (The Overlook Connection Press).

And for everything else: Louis Armstrong, Kevin Abarientos, Rose Boughton, Miles Davis, Ellen Fox, Karen Graham, Rosairo Garza, Jim Hensinger, Christopher Langlois, Heather McLaughlin, Fred Palmieri, Marina Violette, Lisa Holmberg, Stephanie Jauregui, Laura Chittivej, Christa Burns, Rod Wagner, Diane Wells.

And of course, Bill, Sue, Matt, Lisa, ShawnnaAnn, Julianne, Joshua, Andrew, Mary, Diana & Sara

If I’ve missed anyone, many apologies.