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August 14, 2010

Back when I started this project the Internet wasn’t much of an issue. If you wanted to find book reviews you looked them up in large printed volumes such as The Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature and other similar tomes. These books didn’t list every book review ever published but they listed all the ones from the “important” publications like The New York Times, Kirkus, and Library Journal. So, way back then, I dutifully looked up every Dean Koontz title one by one and entered them into my manuscript.
By the time Dean got ahold of the first version of the manuscript back in 2001 one of his suggestions to me was to list all the reviews or none of the reviews. I sat on making a decision.
Now that the project is back in full swing I’m finally forced to make that decision and I know that listing every review of everything would be enough of a quest (now with this Internet thing being so much “help”) that to do so would be impossible. So, the reviews have been pulled.
However, I thought that readers might be interested in what was there. So, I’ve created a PDF of the removed reviews such as they are. Download it if you’re interested.