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“Not the Stephen King Guy!”

March 6, 2011

Mick GarrisHere’s an interesting tidbit from a recent Fangoria interview with Mick Garris:

FANG: Has your close association with King cost you other work or created any kind of industry backlash?

GARRIS: Well, I’ve never told this story before. After I finished QUICKSILVER HIGHWAY, I was offered a miniseries based on a Dean Koontz book. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to commit to anything, and I didn’t know the book, but I said I’d read it. About a week later, I heard Koontz supposedly said, “No way! Not the Stephen King guy!” But most of the backlash I get is from the Kubrick fans who can’t believe that we remade THE SHINING. I take a lot of heat from them. But we just wanted to make something truer to the book. But, any negatives are far overweighed by the positives. Stephen is just an amazing and generous guy.