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Anton Yelchin Talks Upcoming Odd Thomas Film Adaptation

May 14, 2011 was recently able to talk to Anton Yelchin about his forthcoming roll as Odd Thomas on screen. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Anton Yelchin Talks Upcoming Odd Thomas Film Adaptation“But now that I’ve been able to read both versions of Odd’s story, I’ve been going through the book to see what I can try and get back into the script version because there’s just a lot in the book that you can’t get into the script. But in terms of capturing the essential nature of who Odd is and his relationship with Stormy, his relationship with The Chief, and this sort of fear that builds in him that something terrible is coming that he can’t completely see, it captures all of that really well. And the love story really works, I think. I know Dean Koontz is very happy with the script and thinks it works. I think my goal is going to be to try and bring little things back from the book that maybe dialogue-wise I really liked that aren’t in the script. You know, make him as utilitarian as possible because in the book it’s very clear- despite his abilities, his biggest dream is to work at a tire shop.”