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Edward Lee writes like Dean Koontz?

January 16, 2012

ghouls_titlesHere’s another one for the ephemera appendix…

I’m a Dean Koontz fan obviously. I’m also a big fan of Edward Lee. Would I say these two authors are anything like each other? Most definitely not. Dean leans toward the subtle, while Ed is anything but subtle. So, much to my surprise I find the following statement on the back of the Necro Publications release of Edward Lee’s Ghouls:

“A novel of unrelenting horror in the tradition of Dean Koontz.”

Granted this book was originally published by Pinnacle in 1988 so maybe this text is being reprinted from a much less extreme time in Ed Lee’s life but I must admit this comparison, in my experience, is a bit of a stretch. When I get to reading it, I’ll see if I can post something that might explain it all.