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Odd, more Odd, and (maybe) Frankenstein

June 6, 2012

Two online articles of note from io9:

An Exclusive First Look at Dean Koontz’s New Odd Thomas Novella

If you’ve been craving more of Dean Koontz’s spirit-talking, supernatural trouble-finder Odd Thomas, then you’re in for a treat. First, Koontz a three-part novella coming out in e-book form starting next week, Odd Interlude. And then a whole new novel, Odd Apocalypse, comes out in July. But why wait to start the fun? We’ve got an exclusive excerpt from the opening of Odd Interlude, right here.

Dean Koontz tells io9 about the Odd Thomas movie… and a possible Frankenstein TV show

The movie version of Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas is done, Koontz tells io9. He’s actually seen the finished film, and he told us what he thinks of it. Koontz also talked to us about the prospects for a TV show based on his Frankenstein series, and what’s next for Odd Thomas. Plus Koontz has a new novel in the works based on an idea told to him by a long-dead author. Really.