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Not exactly a novice when it comes to comics

June 25, 2012

This past weekend I started unboxing the majority of my Koontz collection (still boxed from my last move) as work on the book progresses. Having had the majority of the collection in boxes for the past seven years has made me forget about some of the collection.
Recalling my recent post about Dean in comic book form these were a great find.
Back in 1993 Dean’s short story “Trapped” was adapted by Ed Gorman and published as a graphic novel. The photo below shows (left to right) the trade paperback (HarperCollins), the hardcover, and the comic-store trade paperback (Eclipse Books).

Going even further back, more than 35 years(!), there’s Starstream (1976) and Questar (1979) both containing a comic adaptation of Dean’s Night of the Storm.

So, for those that think comics like Frankenstein and Nevermore are a new format for Dean, think again.