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Needed: First Headline (UK) edition of Darkfall

July 8, 2012

Long-time Koontz collectors are generally aware that from it’s original release in 1984 Darkfall was known as Darkness Comes in the UK. Why? I have no idea. However Dean’s latest batch of notes pointed out something I’d missed. The UK publisher of Darkness Comes, Headline finaly brought itself in line with the US publisher and changed the title to Darkfall. So, here’s the thing. I keep trying to order a copy through third-party sellers on Amazon and they keep sending me copies of Darkness Comes instead of Darkfall, regardless of the fact that Darkfall is what’s shown in the listing. Even if I was to get my hands on a copy, there’s no promise that it’ll be the first printing/edition under the Darkfall title and I can’t even tell if it’s a mass market or trade paperback. So, does anyone have one of the first printing/editions of Headline’s Darkfall? If so, please leave a comment as I’d like to get the proper information listed in the book.
Update 12/18/12:
It does look like that on November 22, 2012 Headline did release an eBook edition titled Darkfall and I have added it to the manuscript as one of the very few eBooks that will be included. However, I have still yet to locate a print UK edition under this title.