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Needed: The Book of Counted Sorrows Dogged Press Edition

July 8, 2012

I’m looking for any and all information about the Dogged Press edition of The Book Of Counted Sorrows. There are two copies available via third-party sellers on if you’re not familiar with this edition. I know it was originally offered via the now defunct store on and Dogged Press is Dean’s own publishing imprint. However, I don’t know how many copies were printed (I’m assuming it was a limited edition,) if it was numbered or lettered, it’s page count, original list/cover price, ISBN, or printing statement.
Wikipedia says “In the summer of 2009, Dogged Press issued a 3000-copy hardcover edition” but I’d like to get confirmation of that.
Basically, if you’ve got a copy of this one or can point me to a reliable Web page with more details, please leave a comment.
Update 10 July 2012:
Turns out that there was an ad for this edition in the Spring 2008 issue of Useless News which included the original list price of $30.00 and stating the print run was just 3,000 copies. So, I’ve got some of the info but I’m still looking for a more specific release date, page count, ISBN (if there was one), and printing statement.
Update 11 July 2012:
The plot thickens! (a.k.a. welcome to my own private version of Hell.) But the Holidays 2007 issue of Useless News says this edition is selling for $35. My biggest question right now is, why didn’t I just buy a copy back then?