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Rick McCammon, A True Southern Gentleman

July 6, 2013

World Horror Convention 2013 Program BookAn essay by Joe R. Lansdale, published in the program book for the Bram Stoker Awards® Weekend/World Horror Convention 2013.

“Anyway. That was our first meeting, and it led to Rick telling us he had this great idea for an organization for horror writers, which he called H.O.W.L., the Horror and Occult Writers League, a name I still prefer. The only problem was Rick had the idea and not the time. He turned it over to my wife Karen, and she ran with it. Began by making crude mimeographed and stapled newsletters, sending them out to an enthusiastic and growing crowd of interested parties. This resulted in what is now known as The Horror Writers Association. It was Rick’s brain child and Karen was the shield carrier. Later Dean Koontz arrived with an army to assist us, but that’s another story.”

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