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New trilogy to start in 2014

August 12, 2013

Your heard it here first folks! Here’s what’s coming after Innocence in 2014!

EXCITING NEW TRILOGY ON THE HORIZON: Innocence will publish a short six months before the start of a brand new trilogy from Dean Koontz, kicking off with Secret Forest in July. The series stars Ivy Elgin, who played a secondary role in Koontz’s New York Times bestselling novel Velocity, and she’s risen to become one of Koontz’s most popular, sought-after characters in spite of the limited time she spent on the page. There’s something magical about her that fans simply cannot forget and have asked for more of since first meeting her! These back-to-back, high-power publications will help fuel and promote one another, and bring Koontz to even greater heights.

This comes from a promotional site that Random House (and many other publishers) use to promote titles to booksellers and librarians which I’m going to keep to myself. Granted, previous books by Dean have been announced and later cancelled (Storm Front anyone?) so if this doesn’t come to be, don’t blame me.