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Donald Wollheim and the Ace Double Novel

August 18, 2013

Dark of the Woods / Soft Come the DragonsWhile this article doesn’t mention Dean, he did publish two Ace Doubles so some of you might find the article interesting nonetheless.

In October 1953, Ace introduced its first science-fiction novel, pairing up two novels from A.E. van Vogt: The World of Null-A and The Universe Maker. Every other month, a new book would appear on the book rack. Van Vogt’s book was followed in December 1953 by Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Conqueror and Leigh Brackett’s The Sword of Rhiannon. In between, the company published a single novel. Due to their popularity, Ace bumped the production schedule up to a science-fiction double a month in 1958.

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