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Odd sensibilities: Dean Koontz and Christian imagination

November 9, 2013

dean-koontz-and-wife-162x162October 29, 2013 (BreakPoint) – A recent article in Touchstone magazine by Hunter Baker of Union University told readers about “a man who is probably the single best-selling Christian author on the planet.”
The author in question wasn’t anyone you’d suspect, such as Rick Warren. It was Dean Koontz, whose books are prominently displayed in supermarket checkout lines and in airport bookstores.

Koontz isn’t usually seen as a Christian writer and, for most of his career, understandably so. But around the turn of the new millennium his faith increasingly began to be reflected in his books. In his 2001 novel, “One Door Away From Heaven,” the villain is a serial killer who fully practices what people like Peter Singer, whom Koontz mentions in the novel, and other utilitarian ethicists only preach.
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