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Terror, Science and Faith from the Hand of Dean Koontz

November 9, 2013

koontz-bob-9899612413Translated from Spanish:

Considered one of the main authors of the horror genre, his work stands out for its influence-Christian ethic that facilitates happy endings and hopeful compared to other authors conducive as Stephen King, darker and realistic.
In November this time the best thing is to talk about the genre par excellence, terror, and who best represents the genre is undoubtedly Dean Koontz. However, only one thing you can not blame this writer, that leaves unexplained end without hope that everything will be fine or maybe not? While it is true that the end of their stories just strict relatively well for its protagonists, at least for the survivors, and not less true that always leaves a door open to doubt whether it can replay the situation. Since either by an evil engendered by man as in “The cursed place” or by an entity as old as the world itself as happens in “Ghosts”, Koontz shows situations in which all evil has any type of remedy. But where that hope comes from a writer with the facility to display such dark situations?

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