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Sarasota author John MacDonald's work on the verge of a renaissance

November 24, 2013

John D. MacDonaldSo many of John D. MacDonald’s books had gone out of print in recent years that fans often had to settle for dog-eared used copies, sometimes at collector prices. E-books were not available at all.
But now, nearly 30 years after his death, one of Sarasota’s most prominent and admired writers is experiencing a literary rebirth.
Random House, the world’s largest trade publishing house, is re-issuing its complete library of MacDonald’s output, ranging from crime thrillers such as “Cape Fear” (originally “The Executioners”) to more obscure works that even dipped into science fiction.
Of the 71 books, none have previously been available as e-books and more than 30 had been out of print since the 1990s. All of the works, including those that had remained in print, will have new covers and introductions.

Tavani said that best-selling contemporary writers, including Stephen King, a part-time Casey Key resident, have championed the revival. Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher series, wrote a new introduction for the McGee series. Another writer, Dean Koontz, authored the introduction for MacDonald’s non-McGee books.

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