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Innocence limited editions up for pre-order

December 7, 2013

Charnel House is once again producing both a numbered and lettered edition of Innocence.
Innocence (lettered)

Innocence, by Dean Koontz.
The Signed Limited Edition

Dean compassionately illustrates the beauty and the brutality inherent in the human race. He splits the atom with this one.
Arguably the most beautiful book Charnel House has created to date. Paper has been handmade for this edition by randomly pouring two colors into the process, creating different cloud-like patterns on each sheet. Each unique book resembles a thick chunk of a cloudy blue sky.
A harlequin faced marionette drawn by Phil Parks and printed in two colors by hand via letterpress will be tipped in every book.
Each exquisitely printed book is sewn and bound by hand and finished off with a white silk ribbon bookmark. Each book is hand signed by the author.
5.75 X 8.75 trim / 396 pages
150 Numbered copies:
Bound in full Cloudy Sky paper
26 Lettered copies:
Bound in full Cloudy Sky paper with baby blue Moroccan leather along both fore-edges