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Bookreporter reviews Innocence

January 4, 2014

bookreporter_logoHaving spent most of his career penning primarily suspense and horror novels, the Dean Koontz of the past decade or so has turned far more introspective. The end result has been works of fiction that deal more in characters, spirituality and faith than being driven by traditional good versus evil in supernatural settings.
INNOCENCE is primarily the story of two very unique individuals. Calling New York City home, but inhabiting a sort of netherworld of their own, the mysterious Addison meets up with Gwyneth on a snowy evening while most of the city’s residents are sleeping. Addison has lived in an underground series of rooms for most of his life and has an odd appearance that is constantly covered by a ski mask and a hood. Gwyneth sports a Goth look that strangely resembles the eerie marionettes both she and Addison fear and seek out.

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