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Literary and Cultural Heritage Map of Pennsylvania

January 18, 2014

PA Literary MapThe Libraries at Pennsylvania State University have a site titled the “Literary and Cultural Heritage Map of Pennsylvania” which has an entry for Dean.

Koontz, Dean Ray
Born: July 9, 1945, in Everett, Pennsylvania
Vocations: Novelist, Poet, Short Story Writer, Screenwriter, Teacher
Geographic Connection to Pennsylvania: Everett, Bedford County; Shippensburg & Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County
Keywords:Atlantic MonthlyBeastchild; Gerda Ann Cerra; Chase; Brian Coffey; Deanna Dwyer; Fear NothingFrankenstein; Hugo Award; In Odd We Trust;Mechanicsburg Area Senior HS; Science Fiction; Shippensburg University; Star Quest; Suspense Fiction; The Book of Counted SorrowsWhispers
Abstract: Born in Everett on July 9, 1945, Dean Koontz grew up in Bedford where he developed a love for books at a young age. After graduating from Shippensburg University, Koontz taught high school English in Mechanicsburg. Supported by his wife, Gerda, Koontz was able to publish his first science fiction novel, Star Quest. With Chase in 1972 and Whispers in 1980, Dean Koontz became a number one bestselling writer, writing novels across genres under several pseudonyms. Today, Koontz is one of the top contemporary American writers, having written over 60 books with more than 300 million copies in print.

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