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The 11 Most Bizarre Frankenstein Monsters Ever Created

February 16, 2014

Frankenstein Vol2 No1 Virgin Variant Cover7) Deucalion, Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein Series

Dean Koontz’s five-volume Frankenstein books series is kind of insane. So, it starts out like the original novel, Doc creates the monster, monster kills his wife, they hate each other. But in this book, Dr. Frankenstein puts a bomb in the monster’s head, which doesn’t kill it, just scars half of his face. Both survive for hundreds of years, but while the monster starts pretentiously calling himself Deucalion (Prometheus’ son in Greek mythology) and looking for redemption, Dr. F decides his “new race” of synthetic people should replace all the old ones and basically tries to kill the human race. Deucalion, of course, tries to stop him with some local New Orleans cops, because he was programmed not to hurt his creator (back in the 1800s). Oh, and Deucalion can teleport and make small things like coins disappear, because he’s so smart, you see.

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