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We want flying cars, not creepy robots that take care of grandma, study says

April 19, 2014

Demon SeedTo engineers, inventors, and software developers, science fiction is the stuff of inspiration for the future.

However, science fiction also holds many cautionary tales for ways in which technology can get out of control.

Much of zombie-lore revolves around the idea of intentional modification of DNA could result in the production of monsters. The 1997 film “Gattaca” portrayed a grim future where too much understanding of genetics leads to discrimination of people seen as defective.

In Dean Koontz’s 1973 sci-fi novel “Demon Seed,” which was adapted into a 1977 movie, a woman becomes imprisoned in her home by an artificially intelligent computer that taps into computerized controls that have been installed around the house for convenience.

While true artificial intelligence has so far proved elusive, more smart appliances that connect to the Internet are being integrated into the home. Think Nest’s smart thermostats and fire extinguishers and Samsung’s Internet refrigerator.

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