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For fans of Intensity

May 16, 2014

It’s not by Dean,  but according to this review, fans of Intensity, might find this a good read.

The Shining GirlsSOUTH AFRICAN AUTHOR Lauren Beukes’s latest novel is less SF than it is mystery, suspense, and horror, riffing on both serial killer and haunted house prototypes. The basic premise has been used before. It immediately calls to mind Dean Koontz’s novel Intensity, in which a female protagonist hunts a serial killer after witnessing him murder her friend and her friend’s family. Beukes’s protagonist, Kirby Mazrachi, goes on a similar hunt, but under very different circumstances, and with significantly more finesse. The person she witnesses the serial killer murder is herself, and the serial killer, Harper Curtis, unlike Koontz’s ego-possessed Edgler Vess, is possessed by a house that allows him to travel through time.