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Dump Toppers

May 23, 2014

The Bad Place dump topperA “dump” is something that you don’t see much in bookstores as much as you did back in the 80s & 90s thought they’re still around. Dumps are cardboard displays that usually have nine slots into which books were displayed face out. The “topper” for “header” was the artwork attached to the top of the dump to advertise the author and/or author on display.
Having previously worked for many years as a bookseller and these days just asking the store manager if I can have it when it was taken down, I’ve amassed a good-sized collection of this Koontz advertising memorabilia. Here’s a slideshow of my collection for your perusal.
(The one for Fear Nothing is actually motorized and switches between two images. If I actually still had a D cell battery in the house I believe it would still work.)