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Dynamite Entertainment's CEO on 10 Years of Explosive Comics

July 22, 2014

Frankenstein Vol2 No1These days, both Army of Darkness and Red Sonja remain high-profile parts of a portfolio that Barrucci described as “very balanced.” (Army of Darkness No. 1992.1, a special issue featuring creators throughout the series’ run was announced Monday, as was an upcoming event series anchored by Red Sonja). “We have long-standing licenses affiliated with comic books, from the Kings Feature Syndicate’s Flash Gordon to Red Sonja, from Conde Nast’sThe Shadow and Doc Savage to the Gold Key line of SolarTurok, and Magnus,” he listed. “Movies, television, and even gaming are well-represented in titles like Tom Clancy’s Splinter CellBattlestar Galactica ,GrimmArmy of DarknessBob’s BurgersPathfinder, and Six Million Dollar Man. Novelists have chosen to expand their worlds with Dynamite, as with Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson and Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files as well asDean KoontzBrandon Sanderson and so many other great authors. I can name-drop all day, but my point is that – with so many licenses from such diverse media—we hope to appeal to audiences far and wide, whether comic fans or not.”

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