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Remembering Vaughn Bodé

July 22, 2014

Bode KoontzToday would have been artist Vaughn Bodé’s 79th birthday. He and Dean were fiends back in the day, and he illustrated The Underground Lifestyles Handbook among other things. (Check out the name badge on the lizard pictured right.)

Remembering Vaughn Bodé by Craig Yoe with Steven Thompson

 “Unique” is a word that gets thrown around too easily these days. Everything is unique. This is unique, that’s unique, and this thing is MORE uniquely unique than that not quite as unique thing over there! 

Usually artists, especially comics artists, take the approach of studying the output of a few individuals whose work they admire. If they do it right, this results in a rich combo of their visual mentors and they develop their own personal style. A very few artists draw deep from their inner selves with seemingly no influences whatsoever. Their art achieves a look with no ancestry–it’s new, it’s different! Vaughn Bodé‘s art is like that. I can’t think of anyone with whom to compare him. Vaughn Bodé was, in the truest sense of the word… UNIQUE!

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