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July 25, 2014

InnocenceHonestly, before this book, I had no reference point to Dean Koontz. The only thing I’d ever read about him was one line in Walter Kirn’s wonderful take on the life of a regular high flyer, Up in the Air (you will remember George Clooney in the movie version). It went like this — “He’s reading Dean Koontz with a squinting intensity that Koontz just doesn’t call for and must be fake.” 
So Kirn’s opinion wasn’t exactly great motivation to start reading 
the novelist, and one you haven’t tried before. Never mind that he’s up there in popularity with Stephen King and Tom Clancy. But any New York Times bestselling author at least warrants one try, so I jumped in. To some welcome relief. Koontz is 
generally billed as a suspense thriller writer, but he is known to tread the supernatural, horror, and science fiction at times, and that is evident in all intensity in Innocence.

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