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Ben Affleck: He Really Was The Bomb In Phantoms!

August 23, 2014

Phantoms movie posterThe average Joe is Sheriff Bryce Hammond as portrayed by Ben Affleck. There’s a priceless throwaway line in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back where Affleck, as Holden McNeil, declares to Jay and Silent Bob that although he wasn’t impressed with Good Will Huntinghe thought that “Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms.” The reasons that I find myself watching bad movies are strange ones, indeed.

There is truth to that quote, however. Affleck really is the bomb inPhantoms. He’s one of the two characters, along with Liev Schrieber (who plays the creep card so well in this one but then again when has he not), who looks like they’re having any fun. He’s also the only character other than Joanna Going as the town doctor that keeps a clear head amidst the chaos.

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