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Please do not pay this much for Dean's autograph!

September 1, 2014

Dean's AutographI recently stumbled upon which bills itself as “the autograph and manuscript leader.” I will say that it has a lot of autographs available for purchase. When it comes to items signed by Dean, there are currently three: a “typescript with the opening lines of his 1991 best-selling novel Cold Fire” (which looks to be a neatly removed first page of the novel,) and two “autograph” pages (1,2) each with Dean’s simple answers to four questions (like “what’s your favorite movie,”) and his autograph. For each of these items the site is asking $629, $899, and $899 respectively. And those are the “sale” prices.

Seriously folks, Dean’s autograph is not hard to come by. Granted, he doesn’t tour but his autograph is hardly a rarity. If you want something signed by Dean, do a simple eBay search. You’ll spend a lot less, and you’ll probably get a whole book out of the deal.