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Another new Phantoms film review

September 6, 2014

Phantoms movie posterIt’s always amusing to look back at a movie that’s packed with future stars, especially if said movie belongs to the horror genre. Why? Well, let’s face it…the actors know what they’re making. It’s not Oscar-material. No, no, they’re making the scary stuff, which I assume is a good gig, but not necessarily career changing. Case in point the late, great Peter O’Toole in 1998’s Phantoms. Dude was as classical actor as someone could be, yet even he had bills to pay. At least he took a role filled with other future Hollywood stars (well, mostly). Phantoms is packed with future headliners in Liev Schreiber, Rose McGowan, Joanna Going, Nicky Katt, and Ben Affleck. Not too shabby.

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