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September 10, 2014

Just found this article from 2009.

From "Book Collector: Furry Scribes"
From “Book Collector: Furry Scribes”

Celebrity canine Trixie Koontz comes from a very distinguished line of scribes, starting with her best friend, the legendary suspense author Dean Koontz. Even though she is now deceased, the spirit of Trixie is keeping pace with the elder Koontz, having just released her third book, Bliss to You. Her two previous books were Life is Good! andChristmas is Good! In addition to currently having her own newsletter, Trixie News, a memoir and series of children’s books by Trixie are also in the works.
When I wrote to Dean Koontz to see if he could pull any strings in snagging me an autograph from Trixie, he came through with an inscribed bookplate boasting both his autograph as well as his authorized rendering of Trixie’s name and paw print. (

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