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Two recent articles about Cemetery Dance

November 5, 2014

Cemetery_Dance_logoThe Spookiest Little Publisher in the World by Leigh Buchanan (Inc.)

In the early ‘90s, a few presses were publishing hardback horror. But the market was dominated by mass-market paperbacks that could be purchased in an airport store at trip’s beginning and ditched in an airport trash receptacle at trip’s end. With a growing stable of authors who trusted him as an editor and a growing base of readers who trusted the Cemetery Dance name, Chizmar decided to create his own book imprint. His first title was an original: “Prisoners & Other Stories,” by the crime writer Ed Gorman, with an afterward by Dean Koontz. Both writers signed all copies. “’Prisoners’ is still the best-looking book to ever appear under my name,” says Gorman, a frequent contributor to the magazine. “It also brought me a kind of attention I’d never had before. And that was all Richard’s doing.”

Artisanal Terror From Lilliputian Presses: Horror From Cemetery Dance, EC Archives, Centipede Press by Dana Jennings (New York Times)

Richard Chizmar, founder and publisher of Cemetery Dance, singles out its 400-page Halloween anthology, “October Dreams 2.” The work’s contributors include Bradbury, Dean Koontz, Robert McCammon, Robert Bloch, Stewart O’Nan and Joe R. Lansdale, along with several dozen others.
Other Cemetery Dance titles: “The Dark Man: An Illustrated Poem,” by Stephen King and Glenn Chadbourne; “The Influence,” by Bentley Little; “Last Exit for the Lost,” by Tim Lebbon; “Pork Pie Hat,” by Peter Straub.