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Veronica Scott gets fellow authors' take on favorite scary books

November 16, 2014

USA_Today_Logo.svgAmy Bartol, author of Under Different Stars
Just the thought of Bodachs, the evil, shadowy creatures from Dean Koontz’s epic series Odd Thomas makes me pull my foot back onto the mattress and cover my toes at night. It could be a thousand degrees; it doesn’t matter. The blanket stays in place! If I let it slip, these shifty, malicious harbingers could steal into the world from a dark dimension and get me. In Koontz’s novels, Bodachs form packs and troll an area, drawn to a location in frenzied anticipation of a horrific event. The blanket is my only protection … well, that and sleeping with the light on.
S.E. Smith, author of Twin Dragons: Dragon Lords of Valdier
I love Dean Koontz. The first book I ever read of his was Watchers. I swear I had dreams, OK nightmares, for weeks afterwards. I loved Einstein, the golden retriever, and actually felt sorry for the Outsider. His books, while some are really out-there, pull me into their world. I think I have read most of his books and still keep some of them on my bookshelf for rereading, including his Odd Thomas series.

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