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Dean Koontz: Semi-libertarian

November 29, 2014

Advocates logoMega-bestselling author Dean Koontz declines to call himself a libertarian. But Publishers Weekly chastised him for allowing his “libertarian views” to seep into his novels; Koontz complains that all politicians “get corrupted by power;” and he admits to being at least “semi-libertarian” on most issues.
But let’s take Koontz at his word; he’s just a semi-libertarian — albeit one who trumpets his distrust of government, power and politicians at almost every opportunity. Some examples:
In an online chat on (September 10, 2001), Koontz said, “Any time I’m looking for a good psychopath [as a character for a novel], I first check out the current crop of Congressmen and see what they are up to.”
In The Dean Koontz Companion (Headline Book Publishing, 1994), Koontz said, “It had become apparent to me that the worst enemy of the working man and woman is the state, and that the average person is safest in a country that struggles to limit the size of the state.”

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