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“John D. MacDonald, My Absurd Voice, and a Wonderful Dog named Rhu” by Dean Koontz

December 12, 2014

Dean’s published a new essay on his site “on writing and narrating introductions for the new John D. MacDonald audiobook collection.”

Dead Low Tide - AudibleA couple of weeks ago, I went to a recording studio to read short introductions that I had done for the Audible audiobook versions of eight John D. MacDonald novels. The late John D was arguably the greatest author of popular fiction in the 20th century; and his work is better than most of what passes for “literary” fiction. If I had to name two novelist heroes, Dickens and John D would make that short list. Therefore, being asked to write those introductions and read them in front of a microphone was not a chore; it was an honor.

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