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5 Films in 2014 You Should Have Seen But Probably Haven't

December 31, 2014

ODD-THOMAS_movie-artOdd Thomas:
Based on the novel by Dean Koontz, ‘Odd Thomas’ bypassed cinemas and went straight to DVD after being held back from release for over a year due to legal wranglings. Anton Yelchin plays the title character whose name is indeed Odd Thomas, a young man who can see dead people as well as beings he refers to as ‘Bodachs’, strange entities who appear when something catastrophic is about to happen. Sticking fairly closely to the novel the film is quirkily funny, spooky, surprising, and by the film’s end really quite heart wrenching. ‘GI Joe’ director Stephen Sommers works with a lower budget here but this is one of his better films. I hope more adaptations are made from the ‘Odd Thomas’ series of books, but its DVD only release may have squashed that, and if you see a Bodach hanging around around Hollywood then that is probably true.

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