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So Long Odd Thomas: Saint Odd

January 17, 2015

Saint Odd 3DAs much as anyone hates to see a story come to an end, nothing lasts forever. We’ve all seen television, book, and movie series that somehow survived long past their expiration date, in the process becoming parodies of what once attracted us to them to begin with. It’s like Jud Crandal said in Stephen King’s Pet Semetary: “Sometimes, dead is better.”
Perhaps more common are those series that are struck down in their prime: Firefly is my favorite example, but there are so many others – Dead Like Me, Freaks and Geeks,Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – each with its own tragicomic backstory of studio meddling, executive cluelessness, and ignominious death on the frontlines of popular entertainment.
Sometimes, though, the audience gets lucky and a story ends just where it should. Loose ends are tied up or left with just enough slack to leave us with something to think about. Story arcs are resolved. Heroes and villains arrive at their destiny. We stand and give a round of applause, maybe wipe a tear away, and put the book or blu-ray or ticket stub away on the high shelf of our imagination.

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