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Charnel House News re: The City & Saint Odd

February 1, 2015

Charnel House LogoTHE CITY: The books have been in house for weeks, it is the slipcases we are waiting on. I can not co-ordinate the two for the same date as I use a finished book to size the slips. I have made blank dummys in the past to speed this process up with less than acceptable results. I am told another two weeks before they ship to me. The lettered edition has been shipped and is out of print.
SAINT ODD: Odd is going to the printer in February and publication is now scheduled for April. There are only six copies of lettered edition with this historic binding left for sale.
I am sorry for the delays and shuffling of dates but I think you know by now–Saint Odd being the forty-first book for Charnel House and the twenty-ninth book with Dean–that this is the only way I can keep the quality that Charnel House is known for in producing these fine editions by hand, and I can not rush the process without damage. It is more important that these editions are done right than out on time and I appreciate your patience all these years. That’s a lot of patience.
Thank you–Joe Stefko, Publisher

Source: Charnel House