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A computer tries to impregnate Julie Christie in this creepy thriller

May 25, 2015

AI Week
Every day, Watch This offers staff recommendations inspired by the week’s new releases or premieres. This week: For The A.V. Club’s Artificial Intelligence Week, we’re focusing on sentient computers and computer programs, a.k.a. our future overlords.
Demon Seed (1977)
“Tonight, I’ll impregnate you. In 28 days you’ll give birth to a child.” These words don’t come until almost an hour into Demon Seed, a 1977 horror film starring Julie Christie, but it’s what the viewer has been waiting for. With a title like that—and design art in which the “o” in Demon is altered to not-so-subtly suggest a vagina—the movie telegraphs where it’s going with the light touch of a Howitzer.

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