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Horror in Vancouver: talking spider-munchin' on the set of FOX-TV's Intensity

June 25, 2015

Intensity Mini-series

Back in ’97 I got assigned by Fangoria magazine to cover the filming of a FOX-TV miniseries called Intensity. Normally I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about a FOX-TV miniseries, but this one was based on a novel I really loved by Dean Koontz, so I was in.
Here’s a shortened version of the story that ran in the September 1997 issue of Fango, the one with Spawn on the cover.
Like a master carver, Dean Koontz meticulously sliced away everything that wasn’t essential on his 1995 novel Intensity, ending up with a tidy, 300-page knockout of a horrific suspense yarn. With just two main characters, one storyline, and everything squeezed into a 24-hour time frame, his lean tale of philosophical serial killer Edgler Vess and Chyna Shepherd—the young woman who courageously steps into his blood-spattered path to save a teenage girl—was a short, sharp little switchblade of a story.
Even literary types were impressed.

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