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Frankenstein: Storm Surge #2 preview

August 19, 2015

FrankStormSurge02-Cov-A-Ponse-600x900DEAN KOONTZ’S FRANKENSTEIN: STORM SURGE #2 (OF 6)
Cover: Andres Ponce
Writer: Dean Koontz, Chuck Dixon
Art: Andres Ponce
Dean Koontz continues this all-new modern reimagination of the classic horror tale Frankenstein, created exclusively for comics! As Hurricane Shelley sends refugees fleeing like rats, Victor Frankenstein discovers that his portal to an alternate dimension has been used… and decides that the captive, animated head of Karloff must suffer for keeping its secrets. Meanwhile, Erika Five explores a whole new world, one with its own Karloff to question, a doppelganger just as treacherous as his namesake. Will Victor’s true motives stand revealed?