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Delving into the mind with author Dean Koontz

December 21, 2015

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Can you tell I’m trying to get caught up? Here’s an interview with Dean published by the Orange County Register back on December 4th.

Q. What was it like leaving Odd Thomas and his series behind to create Bibi and her brand-new story?
A. This was an extremely tricky thing to pull off and so it tests all your abilities and craftsmanship. So in a sense that’s daunting. But as always, if the character who is central to the story starts to work for you, if Bibi comes alive for you, within a day or two you’re into it and you’re not daunted anymore.
My publisher said, “I sort of fell in love with Bibi. She’s sort of a very fair, tough-minded, kick-butt kind of lady.” She’s a woman that reminds me a little of my mother and my wife, both strong women. She sort of has some of their qualities.

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