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Double Murder Ep 64: High Tension vs. Intensity

February 28, 2016

Double Murder PodcastDanny! and Tim are joined by Ryan Oliver of Deathblow Productions to talk about a very curious pair of films on this month’s episode of Double Murder: High Tension vs. Intensity!
High Tension (2003) is Alexandre Aja’s breakout slasher film. While the well-known twist can be very polarizing among horror fans, it is still a highly respected and launched Aja’s career. In it, a young woman finds herself stalking a killer who has taken her friend captive and murdered her family. It features some impressive and inventive kill scenes and lush cinematography.
Intensity (1997), though, is not as highly respected. It was a 2-part made-for-TV movie based off a book by Dean Koontz. It is notable in that it it stars Molly Parker and John C McGinley (who puts on an IMPRESSIVE performance as the antagonist), but other than that, it is a not particularly well-aged artifact of the 90’s. So why would we bother to review it here?
Because High Tension and Intensity have the same plot. Almost exactly.
Is this a case of horror plagiarism? Tune in to DOUBLE MURDER to learn more.