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Face-Off: Phantoms vs. Hellraiser: Hellworld

March 28, 2016

The film choices for this Face-Off were inspired by the fact that Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill will be facing off on the big screen this weekend in BATMAN V. SUPERMAN. The actors playing the titular characters in that superhero clash have a small number of horror credits to their names, but they did both do some time in the Dimension trenches – Affleck played a role in the 1998 Dean Koontz adaptation PHANTOMS, while Cavill appeared in the eighth installment in the HELLRAISER franchise, 2005’s HELLRAISER: HELLWORLD. This could almost be considered a “skeletons in the closet” edition of Face-Off, but thanks to Kevin Smith PHANTOMS is a very poorly concealed skeleton in Affleck’s past. It’s not likely that BATMAN V. SUPERMAN will have a clear winner, we know they’ll be teaming up by the end, but let’s find out what the outcome is when the battle is PHANTOMS V. HELLRAISER: HELLWORLD.
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