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Odd, Dark & Stormy

June 11, 2018

There are a lot of reasons I wanted to make ice cream when I was reading this novel. The first, and most obvious reason, is because Odd’s girlfriend works at an ice cream shop. The second: the whole story takes place in a desert town, so the heat is mentioned quite a bit.

The next reason I wanted to make ice cream was because of the chill Odd experiences when he’s in the Fungus Man’s house, and the “bone-brittling cold” he experiences in the dark room there (73).

The dark room is a room that’s otherworldly and seems to lose touch with reality. It’s comfortable to a group of creatures called bodachs, creatures that Odd can see. They’re ghosts, but they’re much more animalistic, and something bad always follows them (33-34).

They’re like the thunder that tells you that lightning is about to strike.

And Odd’s girlfriend is named Stormy.

Naturally, I had to use flavors based on the dark and stormy cocktail, which is typically made with ginger beer and spiced rum.

So I decided to make ginger ice cream with a spiced rum caramel sauce.

Get the full recipe @ Bake Books Sweet